About Us

Who is Callie?

Our inspiration is our lab Callie. We adopted her 12 years ago from a local shelter when my father was first diagnosed with cancer. Callie was my rock during this difficult time and I would do anything to keep her healthy and happy.

Callie’s Story

Not long after she came home, we began to notice that she was scratching and licking almost 24/7. After numerous visits to the vet, we discovered that she had allergies. They were so severe that once we finished one round of treatments at the end we were back again. Determined to help her, I researched everything I could on pets and allergies and that is how our business started. We started to feed her products that were not manufactured from the big guys but rather smaller companies who focused on product quality. Not only did her allergies almost disappear, her coat started to shine and her energy level was abundant.

Callie’s Naturals

Our mission is to provide the best products that are made with natural ingredients. There are so many products out there that it is difficult to figure out what to buy.